Announcing Firefighter Netcast

logowideThe Firefighter Netcast is a concept produced by John Mitchell of Fire Daily and Rhett Fleitz of Fire Critic. Firefighter Netcast will be a source of live netcasts and prerecorded podcasts. Our goal is simple…to provide a new tool in learning through audio.

You will be able to follow our netcasts live and join in the discussion chatting with other listeners and calling in to speak with the hosts on the topic of the evening. The netcasts will also be available after the live show through this site, itunes, and blog talk radio.

You will be able listen to our podcasts which will include interviews with industry leaders, bloggers, and other Fire/EMS personalities. The podcasts will be prerecorded and will be available here and on itunes.

This is a new venture for both of us and we hope to bring a new perspective on live internet radio and podcasting for firefighters, first responders, EMT’s, and paramedics.

We are entertaining the idea of having other bloggers host podcasts here as well. Please contact us if you are interested!

Please stay tuned for more to come!


The webteam here at Prinston Media have designed a brand new website for selling/purchasing emergency apparatus. was officially launched on December 1, 2009. The site is a collaboration of three fire service news professionals: Rhett Fleitz (, Jeff Harkey ( and Grant Mishoe (

Each of these individuals has advertised fire equipment regionally on their respective sites for the last few years. After numerous requests for a similar service serving a wider area, the idea of was born.

The site already boasts an impressive inventory from departments in various locations. Units are logically ordered for quick reference and an immediate point of contact is provided for each listing.

Fire apparatus manufacturers have also begun to realize the potential of the site by listing their new stock and slightly used demonstrator units. Fire apparatus brokers are also listing equipment on the site. Small fire equipment is also being featured. possesses no inventory, and does not work as a broker: we are simply advertising equipment for sale through our extensive network and focused advertising.

The process of listing a truck has been streamlined with our on-line submission form. We have developed a special pricing model to allow manufactures and brokers to continually feature high value equipment to the largest possible audience.

Visit today to see the current inventory. USAFT can be reached at or 888-620-FIRE. and have merged

In an attempt to appease to more of the EMS service in Virginia we set out to create a site of its own. was created last year and never really made it off the ground. The lack of interest gave us no choice but to shut down the web site.

However, just like before the EMS site was made, we run EMS stories on With the reality that much EMS is fire based EMS we understand the need to cover EMS and we are certainly willing to.

Therefore, please focus your attention to for all of your fire, EMS, and fire based EMS news.

The domain simply forwards to Version 2.0

In an effort to keep growing and moving forward we have finished the rebuild of the site. We realize that the site is still very new, but we needed a new interface to bring videos to you effortlessly. After all, we don’t have a huge team of developers sitting back reviewing videos 24/7.

What we do have is a better site for you and an easier interface for us to bring the content to you the reader.

Please take a minute to check out version 2.o.


Prinston Media Announces – The website syndicates videos from around the world related to the Fire/EMS Service. We have capabilities to host your videos and are willing to do so. However, most of our videos are merely syndicated from sites like youtube, liveleak, and google videos.

The website gives the readers the ability to rate the videos!