Prinston Media Promotes Premium WordPress Themes

The Prinston Media webteam have taken the time to include links to some great wordpress themes. You will find these links on the right hand sidebar.

We have found that wordpress operates as an efficient content management system (CMS) and we utilize wordpress on many of our sites. The great thing about wordpress is the companies who produce Premium themes.

Companies like Woo Themes, Studio Press, Viva, RichWP, DIYThemes (Thesis), WP Zoom, and Mod Themes have found a niche in creating some of the best wordpress themes. You can view their themes by clicking on the banners.

Why pay for a wordpress theme? The answer is simple…You get what you pay for. If you are getting a free theme (there are plenty of good ones out there) you aren’t experiencing the most efficient themes around.

The themes made by the companies to the right are top of the line and include fully widgetized operability. Simply put, it will save you hours if not days in customization by utilizing one of these themes. Time = money and it is well worth the low pricing of these themes.

Check them out!