Announcing Firefighter Netcast

logowideThe Firefighter Netcast is a concept produced by John Mitchell of Fire Daily and Rhett Fleitz of Fire Critic. Firefighter Netcast will be a source of live netcasts and prerecorded podcasts. Our goal is simple…to provide a new tool in learning through audio.

You will be able to follow our netcasts live and join in the discussion chatting with other listeners and calling in to speak with the hosts on the topic of the evening. The netcasts will also be available after the live show through this site, itunes, and blog talk radio.

You will be able listen to our podcasts which will include interviews with industry leaders, bloggers, and other Fire/EMS personalities. The podcasts will be prerecorded and will be available here and on itunes.

This is a new venture for both of us and we hope to bring a new perspective on live internet radio and podcasting for firefighters, first responders, EMT’s, and paramedics.

We are entertaining the idea of having other bloggers host podcasts here as well. Please contact us if you are interested!

Please stay tuned for more to come!

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